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What is NPS?
The National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a pension and investment system developed by the Indian government to give long-term financial security to Indian residents. It provides an attractive long-term saving alternative with a secure and regulated market-based return for correctly planning your retirement. The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) regulates it, and it provides a secure but transparent platform. When people reach retirement age, they get a lump sum payout as well as regular income, allowing them to live a stress-free retirement.

Why should one invest in NPS?
1:Tax Saving When you invest ₹2 lakh, you can save up to ₹62,400 in taxes each year and receive a tax-free amount at maturity when you reach the age of 60.
2:Cost-Effective A low-cost investment with a larger return. Although the initial investment may be little, the greater compounding aspect of these plans allows an individual to earn significant profits at retirement.
3:Disciplined Investment |Flip for content: Until you reach the age of 60, your investment is locked in. A minimum annual investment of Rs.1,000 is mandatory.
4:Returns are guaranteed These programmes provide better yields than other investments such as PPFs and FDs. The percentage of NPS invested in equities, on the other hand, may not provide guaranteed returns.
5: Lifetime source of income Inflation is having a negative influence on every part of our life. So, in order to continue your previous lifestyle, you'll need a steady source of money. NPS provides that choice in the form of a pension throughout the duration of your retirement, making it a lifesaver at a time when you most need financial assistance.
6: Professionally managed Your funds are invested and managed by the top pension fund managers in India.

The Advantages of Investing in NPS
An investor has access to the following benefits by investing in the National Pension Scheme.It is a voluntary initiative that is accessible to all Indian nationals between the ages of 18 and 60.The plan offers a lot of flexibility, allowing you to pick and select your investing possibilities.You may also choose from a variety of investment funds.The National Pension System (NPS) account may be accessed from anywhere in India.Transparent investment guidelines are part of the plan.It assists you in planning your retirement and ensures that you will receive guaranteed profits when you retire.Under section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act, the subscriber can claim tax advantages on the payment paid to this plan.

How NPS works
Journey with NPS
1. Start at 18 yrs: Begin contributing now and continue every year until you reach the age of 60.
2. Till 60: It's time to retire. Withdraw up to 60% of your savings tax-free and invest the remainder for recurring income.
3. Rest: For a stress-free retirement, take advantage of a monthly pensi

In what areas are money invested within NPS
Depending on your investing strategy and age, your money is invested in a variety of asset classes(Equity, Government bonds, Corporate debts, Risk

How much do I contribute as a minimum and maximum?
The National Pension Scheme accepts the following contributions:
A subscriber must pay a minimum annual donation of Rs. 6000. A one-time contribution of Rs. 500 is required. Tier-I accounts are eligible for these contributions.
Similarly, Tier-II accounts require a minimum annual commitment of Rs. 2,000 and a one-time deposit of Rs. 250.

What are the Tax benefits under NPS?
A user can invest up to ₹2,000 in order to save 62,400 in taxes.
To be qualified for a tax deduction under section 80CCD, you must invest up to ₹50,000. (1B) - A savings of ₹15,600 in taxes
To be qualified for a tax deduction under section 80CCD, you must invest up to ₹150,000. (1) - ₹46,800 in tax savings
Savings of 46,800 under section 80CCD (1) are an alternative to saving 46,800 on ₹150,000 under section 80C.

In NPS, what are Tier I and II accounts?
There are two types of NPS accounts: Tier I and Tier II.
Tier I accounts are required for NPS investments, and all tax-saving benefits apply to this account category. It is, however, a limited and conditional withdrawable retirement account that may only be withdrawn if the NPS departure requirements are met.
Tier-II accounts are optional and are accessible to any Tier-1 account user as an add-on. Subscribers can take their money out of this account whenever they like, but there are no tax advantages to investing in a Tier II account.