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 Financial Independences

Process of answering 3 questions-
1) Where are you now ?
2) where do you want to go ?
3) How will you get there ?

Asset Allocation
1) Which is more important  - Foundation or Interiors

Why Financial Independences needed ?
Inflation Impact - (Compounding)
Emergency Corpus
Investments are tied to goals - Stay away from adhoc Investment
Cash flow management - Utilize your resources in best way as well as Cut out unnecessary Expenses
Achieve your Financial Life Goals - Started Early with Right Plan.

Life Goal based Investments
Short Term Goals
Pay off credit card & loans
Creating a Emergency Corpus
Acquire Life / Health Insurance

Medium Term Goals
Creating kitty for buying a Home / Car
Foreign Vacations Plan

Long Term Goals
Children's Higher Education Corpus
Children's Dream Marriage Corpus

Three basic questions:
What are your goals ?
Why are you investing
What is your time horizon ?
When do you want to realize the fruits of your Investment
What is your risk tolerance ?
It is impossible to earn double digit returns each year with no risk

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